12 Week Coffee Subscription

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Don't be the household that runs out of coffee on a Sunday morning.

Have a fresh bag of coffee delivered to your door every week!

Subscription delivery period: 12 weeks.

Let us know whether you need just beans or fresh ground, we can sort either out for you with options of espresso, plunger/filter or stovetop for whatever coffee making device you have.


All of our blends are available for subscription purchase.


Our house blend is Columbian based. It is a medium bodied and smooth with a rich, fruity flavour and hints of caramel. Absolutely ideal for all coffee drinkers. 


A blend of Kenyan and Papua New Guinean beans. Gridlock is a full bodied, dark roast that produces a bright taste. It provides complex tones of fruit and berry with a chocolatey finish.

Gridlock is fantastic for stovetop, plunger and somebody wanting a coffee with a bit more grunt 


A single origin coffee. Full bodied with a rich chocolatey - cocoa flavour and toffee like sweetness.

Off The Grid

This is our amazing decaf blend.

Full, rich flavour. The only thing missing is the caffeine.

Enjoyed however you like it!