We are passionate about sustainability and knowing that there should be a fair price for coffee, that leaves enough for every person along the journey from tree to cup. When this is achieved, there is a continuous circle of supply and demand for a sustainable outcome.
Our beans are ethically traded - they are sourced from one supplier who sources from the best local suppliers. Our bean supplier does not enter into a tender process as they believe that it drives down the quality of the coffee and puts the fair return to the farmer and workers at risk. They also make a point of only importing coffee that comes in 100% organic packaging.
The cups and packaging that we use at the roastery are 100% compostable. The cups and lids used and disposed of here are taken weekly by our friends at Doubt Not Composting, a local, conscious composting collective here in Dunedin.
Our aim is to become as sustainable and environmentally considerate as possible over the coming years and we welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our practices!